Cornerstone International Program

The Cornerstone International Program was established in 1986 by Wayne H. Perry, Chairman and CEO of Cornerstone Concilium, Inc. Mr. Perry's vision is to develop and equip world class industry leaders with unparalleled skills, anointing, knowledge and opportunity necessary to successfully lead design and construction projects around the globe. The Program embodies and promotes excellence, professionalism, innovation and leadership development for students pursuing careers in the design and construction Industry. The emphasis is to provide a combination of class instruction and hands-on training for careers in architecture, engineering, city and urban planning, real estate development and construction technology. The Program is nationally renowned, and has received many awards and proclamations for its uniquely valuable method of Inspiring its' trainees to succeed, by applying the skills and experiences gained in the Program. In 2009, Cornerstone formed a partnership with the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK).

The lecture series offered through this partnership provides instruction and training on the following topics:
1) Critical Thinking & Leadership;
2) Global Industry Project Case Studies;
3) Industry Practices/Trends.


To-date, nearly a hundred students from CUHK and other international universities have graduated from the Cornerstone International Program, and dozens of trainees have successfully completed the Cornerstone Training Program in the United States.


Students who completed the Lecture Series are eligible to apply for internship opportunities in San Francisco. Applicants are interviewed in person by Cornerstone executives. Upon selection, chosen students will be assigned to work with a Cornerstone project executive on a wide variety of projects. During this period, students will have on-site, interactive and hands-on experience. They will have the opportunity to visit U.S. companies and to learn about the design and construction technology industry. The training will provide students with a first class cultural experience and develop lifelong friendships.