Letter from the President


Dear Colleagues,

The Cornerstone Institute excels in producing world-class professionals trained to succeed in the various professional and in-demand job categories in the design and construction industry. We provide training to produce the most optimum workforce to meet the current industry demand for the most relevant skills available worldwide. We help our students achieve their optimal performance capability by enhancing their strengths and reducing their weaknesses using the most accelerated training methods possible. Most traditional educational institutions do not provide accelerated learning, as they offer more standard “curriculum only” programs that provide more general learning. We recognize that it is critical to rethink the traditional methods used to deliver skills to professionals in this rapidly evolving industry. We also recognize the importance to deliver the skills through a combination of specialized/customized curriculum, on-the-job training, site tours, professional development activities and overall life skills support. By using this combination of learning methods, students greatly enhance their probability of immediate employment upon completion of our certified training. Our instructors are well-qualified industry experts with several years of practical experience in various fields. Our program advisers and counselors are leading members of the community who have first-hand experience with the industry.

We warmly welcome you to be part of The Cornerstone Institute!


Wayne H. Perry
Cornerstone Institute for Anointing