Featured Project: City and County of San Francisco Technology Partner

Since 1986, Cornerstone’s expertise in the areas of technology, facilities planning and construction management services have helped provide valuable solutions to the client. Cornerstone specializes in providing auxiliary ¬ technology capital improvement projects for architecure and engineering projects. The Company’s technology experience includes modernization and replacement programs for private and public technology related programs including communication/network and data centers, call centers, manufacturing and distribution facilities, clean rooms and administrative offices. Cornerstone provides professional consulting services in program and construction management, as the owner’s representative, including consulting expertise throughout the Pre-Construction Phase, Construction Phase; and Close-Out Phase. The Company also provides solutions for IT/systems and services that support the client’s operations.


The solutions provided by Cornerstone span the entire technology project lifecycle from needs and condition assessments, design, site improvements, planning, construction management and program management. We support our clients throughout all project phases including pre-construction, construction and close-out. Technology clients are typically driven by production sensitive deadlines related to technology product market-timing. They are also sensitive to best value investments in sustainable technology implementations. Cornerstone’s expertise and experience in delivering very complex technology programs in time to meet production schedules and deadlines is a critical factor in our success.

In addition to our experience with several Bay Area technology facilities modernization and replacement projects, Cornerstone supports technology clients with their IT systems infrastructure programs. For these clients we offer our unique ability to provide quality and timely professional services as the client’s technical consultant and owner’s representative. These projects include strategic planning, needs assessments, feasibility studies, cost of ownership analysis, site selection, new construction, facility reconfigurations and manufacturing building conversions. Cornerstone also supports client needs by providing technology solutions including applications development, systems design/integration, IT/VAR procurement support and other digital solutions. We help our clients manage multiple stakeholder requirements, and other public and commercial interests for their projects throughout all project phases.


With nearly three decades of industry experience, Cornerstone also provides professional consulting services for a variety of capital improvement projects including: airport/airlines, transit and roadways, water, sewer, power, technology, healthcare, education, defense and other commercial and other public infrastructure buildings/facilities programs.


Cornerstone’s staff ¬ ¬of architects, engineers, resident engineers, inspectors, cost estimators, schedulers, program and construction managers, IT/systems experts and industry professionals are experienced in working with municipalities on multiple and simultaneous design and construction programs.


The Company has a national presence, with clients in Washington DC, Seattle, Denver, Nevada, Atlanta, Los Angeles, as well as a concentration in the San Francisco / Bay Area. Cornerstone also serves clients who require assistance coordinating interagency program activities with local and regional governing agencies.


  • Alcatel Lucent, QA/QC Inspection, Testing and Commissioning, San Francisco, CA
  • AT&T, Facilities Planning and Program Management, Bay Area-wide, CA
  • General Electric, Facilities Planning and Project Management, San Jose, CA
  • Hewlett Packard, Project Planning and Facilities Management, Palo Alto Campus, CA
  • IBM, Project and Construction Management, San Jose, CA
  • MCI WorldCom, Facilities Planning, and Program Management, Northern CA
  • National Guard, IT Systems/Support Services, Multi-year Contract, State-wide, CA
  • Pacific Bell, Facilities Planning and Construction Management, Bay Area-wide, CA
  • Siemans, Engineering Analysis and Feasibility Studies, Sacramento, CA
  • Silicon Graphics, Facilities Planning and Project Management, Mountain View Campus, CA
  • Sun Microsystems, Program and Facilities Management, Mountain View Campus, CA
  • San Francisco City-wide, IT Products/Services Multi-year Contract, San Francisco, CA
  • San Francisco Emergency OES 911, Construction Management, San Francisco, CA
  • State of California, CALPERS Systems Integration, Sacramento, CA


  • AT&T, Facilities Planning, Phoenix, AZ
  • AT&T, Facilities Planning, Las Vegas, NV
  • AT&T, Facilities Planning, Albuquerque, NM
  • AT&T, Facilities Planning, Seattle, WA
  • AT&T, Facilities Planning, Portland, OR
  • MCI WorldCom, Facilities Planning, Denver, CO
  • National Guard, IT Systems/Support Services, Multi-year Contract, DC
  • National Guard, IT Systems/Support Services, TX
  • National Guard, IT Systems/Support Services, OR


  • Rudolph & Sletten
  • Devcon Construction
  • Koll Management
  • Jones Lang LaSalle
  • Harris Corporation
  • IBM Maximo
  • Dell
  • Cisco
  • Cognos


  • U. S. General Services Administration Consolidated Schedule Contract #GS-00F-0007P
    Eligible to compete for SBA 8a Contracts
  • Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS)
  • Professional Engineering Services (PES)
  • Information Technology Schedule 70 (IT Schedule 70)
  • U.S. General Services Administration STARS Contract
  • California Multiple Award Schedule, Information Technology Contract (CMAS)
  • California Multiple Award Schedule, Project Management Contract (CMAS)


  • US SBA, Small Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
  • CA DGS, Small Business Enterprise