Featured Project: Richmond CFEA

Cornerstone Institute for Anointing excels in producing world-class architectural and engineering professionals trained to succeed in the various professional, in-demand job categories in the design and construction industry. We provide training to produce the most optimum workforce to meet the current industry demand for the most relevant skills available worldwide. We help our students achieve their optimal performance capability by enhancing their strengths and reducing their weaknesses using the most accelerated training methods possible.

The main objective of the Institute’s ¬ education programs, White and Blue belt, is to expose disadvantaged youths to the different careers¬in the design and construction industry, and to make them job-ready so that they may successfully re-enter society. We have a history of successfully graduating over 300 students which have been placed at entry level positions in challenging careers. Cornerstone also trains small Contractors and Project Managers. We offer workshops in the form of Warrior Seminar series on various topics in each of the belts. Students get an overview of an Architect,¬Engineer, Planner, and Developer/Builder in a few weeks of training.


The Institute¬is a technical and vocational education and training institute that provides expertise to create sustainable employment strategies and labor market analysis, competency-based curriculum (CBC), services-school collaboration, training of instructors/experts, finance and economics, engineering, institutional development, and project management services for our United States and China based institutional clients. We uniquely focus on rapidly imparting skills to our trainees within a very short period on time. We are recognized in the United States for solving challenges, which create economic/employment barriers within diverse communities.

For the Institute, teaching is more about passion. It is about motivating students not only to learn, but teaching them how to learn and doing so in a manner that is relevant, meaningful and memorable. Our instructors are industry experts with several years of practical experience in various architectural and engineering fields. Our program advisers and counselors are leading members of the community who have first-hand experience with the industry. In addition to the faculty of experts and instructors, we also deliver training through our collaboration with leading consulting firms and top universities around the world including Stanford University, Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Zhejiang University in Mainland China.


Since the beginning of the program over 300 students of diverse demographics including ethnicity, age, gender, and geographic locations had participated in the program. Additionally over 115 applicants have been placed in industry jobs over the past 30 years. The program was recently offered to the United States military to assist veterans returning from the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars to join the workforce in this growing industry.


Graduating students from Cornerstone have an internship opportunity with our clients like Highland Hospital, Laguna Honda and Richmond housing. Cornerstone is also proud to present the “bridge” program, the San Francisco – Hong Kong Cornerstone Foundation for Educational Advancement. Students from China apply for a scholarship to come to the United States (San Francisco). The bridge program sponsors two students for four weeks in which the students have on-site, interactive, and hands on experience. The students have an opportunity to visit American¬companies and learn about technology and green technology, transportation, construction, architecture, engineering, and related professions.


The Company has a national presence, with clients in Washington DC, Seattle, Denver, Nevada, Atlanta, Los Angeles, as well as a concentration in the San Francisco / Bay Area. Cornerstone also serves clients who require assistance coordinating interagency program activities with local and regional governing agencies.


SFCTA (Current)
CIA/CFEA (Alameda County)
Chinese University of Hong Kong


Stanford University
CUHK (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Black Belt – Muni (San Francisco)
Other Representative industry speaker professionals have included:
– Beverly Prior, AIA, Principal, Beverly Prior Architects
– ¬Michael Willis, AIA, Principal, Michael Willis Architects
– Jon Ball, Senior Vice President, Hensel Phelps Construction
– Robert James, P.E., Senior Associate, Booz Allen
– Anne Cervantes, AIA, Cervantes Design Associates
– Michael Graham, Engineering Manager, Federal Express
– Michael Johnson, Real Estate Developer, EM Johnson Interest
– Don Todd, P.E., Chairman, DTA Construction Management
– Ray Quesada, AIA, Project Manager, San Francisco International Airport
– Al Williams, Principal, Al Williams Economic Development Consultancy
– Charles Collins, Managing Principal, WDG Real Estate Ventures
Few of the alliances are institutional collaborations like Stanford, MIT, Harvard, USC, CalTech, Oxford, Chinese University in Hong Kong, Zhejiang University, Peking University, and India Institute of Technology Industry Collaborations AIA, CMAA, PMP, LEED, IFMA.


Lecture Series (CUHK)


The Cornerstone training program draws upon the best industry practices from other similar programs, i.e., Cypress Mandela, Laborers’ Training Center, Laney College and UC Berkeley Extension Certificate programs -¬many of these programs Cornerstone has alliances and collaborates with. The enhanced program leverages Cornerstone’s other alliances with architecture and engineering industry partners and potential employers, i.e., HOK, URS, CH2M Hill, Parsons Brinckerhoff, Parson Infrastructure, and Bechtel; some of whom have provided support and/or have hired some of our graduates.

  • US SBA, Small Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
  • CA DGS, Small Business Enterprise