Student Projects

At the Foundation and Entry Level (White and Blue Belt), students are introduced to design and construction technology. They learn the basic skills of conceptual drawing, drafting, 3-D modeling and architectural rendering, along with project management techniques. Training includes a series of workshops with world class professionals, problem solving exercises, field studies, and design projects.

Building Models

[img src=]3950
[img src=]3010
[img src=]2480
[img src=]2202
[img src=]1950
[img src=]1740
[img src=]1650
[img src=]1470
[img src=]1361
[img src=]1350
[img src=]1270
[img src=]1200
[img src=]1180
[img src=]1141
[img src=]1120
[img src=]1120
[img src=]1060
[img src=]1070
[img src=]990
Above: Examples of hands-on students model with basic model building materials

Students' BIM

[img src=]3770
[img src=]2681
[img src=]2260
[img src=]1940
[img src=]1590
[img src=]1430
[img src=]1300
[img src=]1140
[img src=]1030
[img src=]1000
[img src=]950
[img src=]940
[img src=]930
[img src=]910
[img src=]900
[img src=]840
[img src=]810
[img src=]730
Above: Examples of students design projects under architecture/engineering technician module. These CAD models and rendering are done with Google Sketch-up software.

IMG_1446 IMG_1439
Above: Students presenting their work to a panel of industry experts, local politicians and employers.