Computer & Client/Server Operations/Maintenance/Support Technician


Education Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in computer science, information systems, engineering

Experience Requirements:

Requires 8 years of progressive and intensive experience managing, with at least 2 years of relevant experience in a position with duties commensurate to those defined in the task order requirement. Or 5 years specialized experience in a position with duties commensurate to those defined in the task order requirement.


Responsible for all activities relating to technical guidance for planning, directing, and monitoring information systems operations. Plans and recommends machine modifications or additional equipment to increase the capacity of the system. Prepares operational cost estimates for current and proposed projects. Evaluates vendor proposals for purchases of hardware. May manage related outsourcing contracts and service levels. Directs compilation of records and reports concerning production, machine malfunctioning, and maintenance. May advise or consult on organizational, procedural, and workflow plans, methods, and procedures analysis. Analyzes the results of workflow plans, monitors the operating system(s) and recommends changes to improve processing and utilization. May have departmental staff responsibility. Frequently reports to an Information Systems Operations Manager or Director of Information Systems Operations.

Provide hardware maintenance to isolate and resolve all equipment and data communications network problems to ensure service continuity to all Custom users at both central and remote locations. Shall be familiar with basic 1/0 device access to multiple varieties of systems and must have a basic understanding of network configurations and concepts.

Manages personal computer operating systems software and communications system software. Designs, tests, and maintains personal computer systems. Responsible for analyzing and solving personal computer-related problems. Responsible for security, integrity, and reliability of personal computer systems. Tests and integrates new hardware, systems and modifications to existing equipment and systems. Performs research/investigations, analysis, design, testing, and installation of supported hardware and software. Schedules installation of new hardware and software and modifications to existing systems. Monitors performance hardware and its capacity in all assigned locations. Recommends and implements enhancements to existing hardware and systems.