Internet Security Specialist

Education Requirements:

Bachelor’s in Computer Science degree or equivalent work experience.

Experience Requirements:

Requires 2 years experience with Linux or other operations systems, preferably with an emphasis on security. 5+ years overall of Unix systems administration experience. Solid background in Unix Systems Administration topics. Through understanding of the details of IPSEC and SSL. Strong scripting skills and experience with robust programming. Familiarity with Unix system programming.


Senior staff level position, responsible for all aspects of Information Security. Responsible for the design, implementation, and auditing of various security controls, as well as facilitating the policy creation and revision process. Also responsible for ensuring conformance with best practices across the enterprise. Responsible for selecting, configuring and deploying commercial or open source tools and must be equally adept at both configuring a commercial firewall as coding from scratch a host-based IDS software system. Key skills and requirements include: software development experience, in-depth understanding of software security systems, including cryptography, certificate authorities, etc., host based security knowledge (patching, hardening), network security knowledge (network based IDS such as Snort, firewalls, VPN, etc.), configuration management methodologies, extensive Unix systems knowledge, excellent communication skills; able to produce written documentation for both technical and non technical audiences. Some level of experience with Windows and Mac OS X administration.