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Field trip with Cornerstone Foundation for Educational Advancement (now the Cornerstone Institute for Anointing)

Cornerstone provided comprehensive training in design and construction industry skills and instruction, training and job placement support for Richmond Area residents, emphasizing preparation for upcoming Richmond real estate development employment opportunities.

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March – October2008


Cornerstone extended itsexisting White Belt (Basic Learning) Program and Blue Belt (Advanced Learning) Program tothe city of Richmond. Its White Belt Program emphasized training in math/science/measurement; social skills (enhanced employability); increased community awareness, as it pertains to community development; and safety/HazMat. The program concluded with a formal presentation of the design project (with layout drawing display) in conjunction with a 3-D scale model representation of the project.

Anadditional minimum twelve (12) weeks of instruction focusing on industry practices of design and construction was then offered through the Blue Belt Program.The following professional career disciplines and specialized skills weretaught throughout the workshop series:

  • General Office Clerk
  • Plan Room Clerk
  • Document Control Specialist
  • Architecture/Engineering Technician
  • Field Technician

Students who completed the Whiteand Blue Belt Programs then hadhiring opportunities for placement in one of the above tracks, through anOn-The-Job Training program. This feature provided twelve (12) weeks of work experience on an actual design and construction project, using the experience and skills acquire during the Basic and Advanced Learning programs. Throughout the twelve (12) weeks of work experience, students wereregarded as trainees until permanent job placement wasestablished.

Additionally, Cornerstone provided counseling/coaching assistance where applicable to helpprogram participants succeed.